Kayaking kids learn water safety in Mattapoisett Harbor

Aug 10, 2021

MATTAPOISETT — Ready, set, row!

The Mattapoisett Land Trust hosted Mattapoisett Recreation campers for a kayaking lesson on Aug. 10 at the land trust’s Munro Preserve property.

Kids careened around Mattapoisett harbor, under the supervision of instructors and lifeguards.

They learned how to paddle, enter and exit their kayaks and steer from instructor Carlos T.D. Fragata. He also taught the campers how to respect their kayaks and how to call for help if they got stuck on the rocks.

Land Trust Director Ellen P. Flynn said the program aimed to teach kids a “whole combination” of things like getting comfortable in the water and learning about water safety.

“And also be familiar with your own environment,” Flynn said.

Flynn has been putting on the event for campers for a few years now, skipping last year due to covid. She said in prior years, some of the kids who participated were as young as four or five.

Campers also received a copy of “From My Kayak,” a book by Donna Lee Tufts, detailing a journey by kayak on Aucoot Cove.

Armed with kayaking and environmental knowledge, Mattapoisett Recreation campers are now a little more aware of what’s right in their backyards.

“Basically that’s the goal,” Flynn said.