Kids dribble, shoot through OR basketball clinic

Aug 17, 2021


Dozens of kids flocked to Old Rochester Regional High School for Principal Michael Devoll’s basketball clinic this week.

Players learned skills, drills and played full games at the clinic, which runs through Aug. 18. On Tuesday, the clinic started off with a free throw shoot-off between counselors, and shifted into drills and skill work.

“The energy in the gym has been awesome,” Devoll said.

The camp was run by Devoll, and instructed by high school- and college-aged instructors.

“It’s great to have the kids here and the staff which is very much representative of the community,” Devoll said.

Devoll hosted a similar clinic in Canton for six years. But last year, it was cancelled due to covid.

This year, Devoll said he worked closely with the Mattapoisett Board of Health to get the clinic going. All the players and instructors wore masks, and players were largely kept within specific cohorts.

“I think it’s good for everybody,” Devoll said.