Letter to the Editor: Claims about Marion’s sewer should be backed by evidence

Jun 29, 2020

To the Editor:

In the June 18, 2020, Sippican Week pg. 6, “Marion residents weigh in on proposed sewer change,” Mr. Sherman Briggs states that he has installed several nitrogen-reducing systems and is “concerned about cost and ongoing maintenance.”

I am asking Mr. Briggs to enumerate the number of nitrogen-reducing systems he has installed and substantiate his “concerns” using solid data. He can start by documenting in detail those “concerns” using empirical data, observations, tests, and/or experiments, graphs, a cost/benefit analysis, and research papers. In other words, Mr. Briggs must justify his “concerns” with scientific data and evidence; “gut feelings” are not logical or scientific. 

It is a scientific fact that too much nitrogen in the water has diverse and far-reaching impacts on public health, the environment, and the economy. Moreover, children and adults use Buzzards Bay for recreation or commercial endeavors year-round.  

Marion should not sacrifice public health to someone’s “gut feelings.” Money can buy influence, but it cannot buy one’s natural health.

I applaud the Board of Public Health member Dot Brown for her unswerving dedication and perseverance in bringing a well-reasoned scientific approach to solving the Bay’s intractable Nitrogen problem.              

Eileen J. Marum