Letter to the Editor: Norm Hills for Selectman

Jun 23, 2020

To the editor: 

We the undersigned strongly urge Marion voters to support Norm Hills for Selectman in Marion. Our town leadership team is extremely strong and effective now, and it deserves to remain at the helm and to stay its course. Experience, hard work, and an understanding of all the issues are what we need in these challenging times. Norm is a hands-on administrator who spends countless hours at the Town House, working with the staff on all projects related to town affairs.

Please give Norm your vote this Friday. The polls are open at the Cushing Community Center on Route 6 from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Den and Tippy Makepeace
Dana Anderson
Jennifer and Peter Francis
Nancy and Jack Braitmayer
Earle and Mimi Briggs
Margot Stone
Judy and Bob Rosbe
Will and Kerry Saltonstall
Margie and Michael Baldwin
Eileen Marum
Tinker and Bill Saltonstall