Listening devices installed at Marion Town House

Jul 26, 2019

MARION — New assisted listening devices for those who are hearing impaired have been installed at the Marion Town House. The new system from Listen Technologies has four receivers that can be used with earbuds and headphones, and will be available for use at all public meetings at the Town House.

The devices are small and lightweight. They can be placed in shirt pockets and purses, or clipped to the user’s belt. During meetings the devices will receive sound directly from microphones used by Old Rochester Community Television (ORCTV). Listeners will be able to control the device’s volume to their comfort.

Marion Town Administrator James McGrail said that “these devices will allow for further inclusiveness for our residents who are hearing impaired during the town's public meetings.”

ORCTV Executive Director Robert Chiarito said that headphones will be available for use, but people may bring their own headphones or earbuds if they want.

Those who would like to use a listening device during a meeting should speak with the ORCTV employee in attendance. For further questions, call ORCTV at 508-758-2300.