Mad Science comes to Center School

Jul 4, 2021

MATTAPOISETT — Don’t try this at home. instead, try it at Center School.  

The Mad Scientist, Jolting Jonathan, joined Mattapoisett Seahorse Camp on July 2.  But Jonathan is not your typical scientist —  he is a “magic” scientist who performs illusions  while teaching science to kids. 

It was the first week of Seahorse Camp, and campers all gathered for the theme, “sensational science.” Children ages 4 to 12 attended the presentation.  

Jolting Jonathan started by asking all the children, “who wants to have fun?” which was received with loud chants of “me!” from campers. When Jonathan called on each of the children he either referred to them as, “tiny humans,” or the name “Fred”.

Jonathan taught the kids all about different topics including: kinetic energy, inertia and center of gravity.  

The campers went wild when they were squirted with Jonathan's “fire extinguisher” — a baby bottle filled with seltzer.  

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