A magical start to summer reading

Jun 24, 2019

MARION — A magic show with Scott Jameson included juggling, scarf tricks, and a trick with a hat. But it also included space facts, egg on the floor, and a (lightweight) tube that got unexpectedly thrown into the audience. 

The Elizabeth Taber Library kicked off its “Universe of Stories” summer reading program with a space-themed magic show on June 24. The program was sponsored by the Marion Cultural Council. 

Jameson explained how he did his first trick, which involved a fake egg. He then switched it for a real egg on the sly, and cracked the second egg open to reveal that it was real, getting a little egg on the floor in the process. 

The magician had a series of balls and other small objects to represent the planets, and would use each object in a different trick. For Saturn, for example, he did a trick that involved spinning a half-full glass of water in a ring without spilling any of the water. 

He also used a trick that involved popping a balloon sealed inside a box and knotted inside another balloon to explain the concept of wormholes, which might someday enable us to get to Mars. 

Jameson got a good number of the young audience members involved. This mostly worked well, until one little girl who was holding a tube misunderstood that someone was supposed to be throwing her an “invisible knot” and responded by throwing the tube into the audience. Luckily, the tube was light, and no one was hurt.