Marine Advisory Board looks to cut costs on Long Wharf repairs

Aug 26, 2022

MATTAPOISETT — The Mattapoisett Marine Advisory Board is recommending the use of concrete siding to reduce the estimated $12.7 million cost of repairing Long Wharf.

Board Chair Carlos DeSousa said at an Aug. 25 meeting that not only would using concrete along the wharf cut costs, but would also aid in, “ease of construction.”

The cost estimate was first presented to the Mattapoisett Select Board on Aug. 22 by Childs Engineering, the firm leading the Long Wharf study and repairs. The estimate is around $6.2 million more than what the Marine Advisory Board previously thought the project would cost. 

The Select Board agreed with recommendations by Childs Engineering that the wharf use stone in place of concrete along the sides of the wharf — a plan that added to the price tag and the longevity of the wharf. 

“The [marine advisory] board is saying ‘concrete,’” DeSousa said. “The same construction all around.”

With the advisory board’s recommendations, Town Administrator Michael Lorenco now estimates that without the use of stone, the price of the project will be around $8 million to $10 million.

Childs Engineering will still need to come up with a new official estimate and a design, he added.

The decision now goes back to the Select Board, where it will further consider the use of concrete or stone in the design of Long Wharf. Then, Childs Engineering will begin developing its plans. 

Residents will also have the chance to provide their input on the project at a yet-to-be-scheduled public hearing, Lorenco said.

“If we get a design in six, seven or eight months, I can go and start applying for a lot of infrastructure grants that won’t be expiring for a few years, the timing works out great,” said Lorenco, who suggested the town seek funding similar to what was awarded to the project to rebuild the Marion Harbormaster’s Office