Marion’s new town sign dedicated at ceremony

Sep 20, 2018

MARION — The Marion Garden Group held a brief ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 20 to uncover the new Marion town sign. Located on the corner of Front Street and Route 6, on the Captain Hadley House property, the sign was shown off to dozens of residents. 

The sign, welcoming people to Marion, was made by Chatham Sign Shop and is accompanied by colorful flowers and shrubbery.

Paid for by the town, the sign was originally initiated by the efforts of the Marion Garden Group, who approached the town for support. 

Leading those efforts has been Elizabeth Hatch, vice president of the Marion Garden Group. She said on Thursday, “it feels so rewarding because so many people in the town have got behind this project, it’s inspiring.”

The new sign is part of the Marion Town Beautification Project, which is aimed at improving sites around town that are in need of a makeover. The Marion Garden Group has said that four sites are being worked on this fall and more will begin in the spring. 

The Spring Street island, the Converse Road island, the Route 6 turn around, and the sign location are the current sites being worked on. Fundraising efforts have allowed the group to work on the landscaping areas. 

“These projects are only initial attempts and the projects next spring we have planned so much more,” said Hatch. “In a year, it will be really transforming for the town.” 

Meredith Ryder is leading the efforts for the next fundraiser in the spring. The Marion Garden Group will be coordinating with the Sippican Tennis Club to host a round robin tennis tournament. All of the money will go to the Marion Town Beautification Project. 

According to Hatch, the governing bodies of Marion have shown their support for the project and have helped with the progress around town. With the continued financial assistance of the town, she said, the Marion Garden Group will continue their momentum. 

“It just takes two things, money and water,” Hatch said.