Marion approves provisional entertainment license for Mary Celeste

Jul 20, 2021

MARION — The Select Board granted the Mary Celeste Whiskey and Wine Library a provisional entertainment license on July 20.

The board closed a public hearing that was continued from its June 22, where residents brought up concerns about the restaurant holding entertainment, and how the noise would impact neighbors

Those concerns were echoed again on July 20.

“We still feel a bit concerned about the entertainment and the sound decibel,” Ann Ziegler said.

She added that if the license should be granted, she would like to see the volume be “very low — under control.”

“We do not feel comfortable about hearing the music,” Ziegler said.

Mary Celeste Owner Mike Achilles, who claims there will only be live entertainment around once per week, and at a quiet level, said he’s not trying to cause any issues with neighbors.

“Part of this is faith,” he said, in his intentions. “The last thing we want is issues with our neighbors,” Achilles added.

Achilles said he intends to use the license for a speaker to play jazz and blues on the patio, for occasional live acoustic music, and to host movie nights on the patio.

“We don’t want the loud noise,” he said. “We have a specific theme in mind.”

The Select Board voted unanimously to approve a provisional, 90-day entertainment license for the Mary Celeste. The town will hold another public hearing on Oct. 18 to field comments from the community before renewing the license.