Marion completes projects with green energy grant

Feb 16, 2021

MARION – Marion has been awarded a grant totaling $120,238 that will support energy efficient projects in town, according to a Feb. 17 press release.

The grant was awarded to Marion by the Green Communities Program through the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. The town must be a “Green Community” in order to be eligible for the grant and meet criteria that further energy savings goals. 

Marion has already completed several projects in an effort to help the town achieve its goal of reducing energy use by 20% over 5 years, including an electric heat pump system at the Benjamin D. Cushing Community Center, attic and basement ceiling insulation at the Music Hall, new storm window inserts at the  Elizabeth Taber Library, and two new gas furnaces at two pumping stations in town.

The projects are expected to save approximately $8,000 dollars a year and 18,497 kwh, 2,072 therms, and 1,385 gallons of oil annually. The payback time for all the projects combined is 15 years.