Marion honors ‘superhero’ veterans

Nov 11, 2023

MARION — For Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant and Marion resident Peter O’Brien, being a veteran means more than just the dictionary definition of “an individual who has served in the military … and completed their term of service.”

“I also think a veteran is a very weird breed of dude — almost [like] like a superhero who trades in their cape for camouflage, their secret lair for a barracks and their superpowers for unparalleled discipline,” he said.

On Saturday, Nov. 11, the town of Marion gathered at Old Landing Veterans Park to honor that “weird breed” of American that takes up arms in the United States military.

“[Veterans] possess an uncanny ability to solve problems with duct tape, multitasking prowess that allows them to juggle live grenades while fixing any type of engine and a knack for turning any extremely serious and sad situation into an absolutely humorous one,” he said.

According to Marion Town Administrator Geoff Gorman, who is a Navy veteran himself, O’Brien served in multiple units over a 27-year career and has completed 10 deployments.

While O’Brien addressed the crowd, flags representing each state in the union and every branch of the armed forces blew in a brisk November wind.

That same wind carried familiar patriotic tunes like “The Star Spangled Banner,” “Marching Marines” and “Grand Old Flag” played by the Sippican School Band.

“As I stand here today, many memories flood my mind. Memories of camaraderie, sacrifice and unwavering dedication.” said O’Brien. “Veterans Day holds a profound significance for all of us. It’s a time to reflect on the sacrifices made by the men and women who served in our armed forces. These brave individuals have selflessly dedicated their lives to protect our freedom, uphold our values and defend our way of life.”