Marion mulls over Hiller Street changes

Jan 19, 2021

MARION — The Board of Selectmen approved a plan to add ‘no parking’ signs and pavement markings to Hiller Street in order to protect driveways and ease traffic flow. 

Public Works Director David Willett presented the plan to the board at a Jan. 19 meeting, and explained that it would require no large-scale changes to the road and would maintain the road’s current two-way traffic. 

“It all revolves around pavement markings only,” Willett said. 

Willet also hopes to add ‘no parking’ signs to both sides of the curve at the end of the road where it meets Main Street. 

Hiller street, which runs alongside the post office, is often used for parking.

Selectman John Waterman thought the plan was a good alternative to making the street one-way. 

“I think it would be a huge inconvenience to people on the street,” Waterman said of a potential change to one-way, especially because many of the nearby streets are already one-way. 

The plan will be the subject of a public hearing at a special meeting in February.