Marion Music Hall to get makeover

Sep 22, 2020

MARION — The brick walkway outside the Marion Music Hall will be receiving some much-needed repairs, following approval from the Board of Selectmen at a Sept. 22 meeting. 

“Someone could trip and fall and break their neck,” Music Hall Advisory Committee member Phillip Sanborn said. 

The board moved to spend $5,000 to have Marion Facilities Director Shaun Cormier level the brick walkway, replacing some cracked or broken bricks with pavers from Tabor Academy. 

Sanborn said the repairs have needed to be done “for a couple years now,” and “the time is now.” 

The board also approved a $300 yearly expenditure for garden plantings outside the hall. 

The discussion shifted to other needed alterations, including the speed sign and crosswalk directly in front of the building’s facade. 

“I agree, that crosswalk is insane,” Town Administrator Jay McGrail said, referring to the  crosswalk outside the music hall, which pours out to the middle of Island Wharf Road. 

“I don’t want to make a big deal out of it,” Vice Chair John Waterman said, but he noted that he’d received multiple comments from constituents about the speed sign’s effect on pedestrians’ view of the music hall. 

McGrail said he’d look into the crosswalk, and “see what it would take” to get the speed sign moved.