Marion Selectmen approve improvements to community center

May 19, 2021

MARION — A new walkway and possibly a new pavilion are coming to the Benjamin D. Cushing Community Center.

The Selectmen approved a number of improvements to the community center at a May 18 meeting.

The Selectmen heard a presentation from Harry Norweb, Chair of the Council on Aging Board, who detailed plans for a walking path and pavilion on the community center lawn.

Norweb previously proposed the additions at an August 2020 meeting, where Selectmen asked for more detailed plans.

The path around the lawn, which was approved by the Selectmen, will go around the perimeter of the lawn at the community center, passing by the VFW monument. Norweb said the path will be completely contained by the lawn, and Town Administrator Jay McGrail indicated it could be complete this summer.

The Pavilion, Norweb said, is planned to go somewhere inside the perimeter of the path.

He said he’s “still studying the feng shui, or whatever, of where to put the pavilion.”

The pavilion would be paid for by fundraising, and is a pre-fabricated structure, which would be installed by a contractor.

Following questioning by Selectmen, Norweb indicated that the projects wouldn’t affect the building’s water and sewer connections.

Selectman Randy Parker wondered whether the pavilion would have a connection to water and electricity, “so we can use it to its fullest extent,” he said.

Norweb said the pavilion would be able to receive water, but he wasn’t sure about electricity.

Selectmen approved the preliminary design concept for the pavilion, pending further approval before it can be installed.