Marion Selectmen give update, talk future Town House work

Jun 16, 2020

MARION — Selectmen and Town Administrator Jay McGrail gave updates on current and future Town House renovation projects at a June 16 meeting. 

McGrail said that the current renovations on the exterior of the Town House are 90% complete, however restoring some of the windows will take a month or month and a half.  

Selectman John Waterman has been working with Sippican Historical Society on two future options for the Town House, which he presented to his fellow Selectmen. 

One option is for the historical society to donate funds to redo the front entrance of the building in the same style as the library, with a handicap ramp and new plantings. 

The other option is for the preservation group to help with some of the work on the roof and soffits (bottom panel of the gutter), for the house. 

Waterman said that a more ambitious project would be to work on the shell and back of the Town House as well as the roof and soffits, but that would require more funding. 

“We want to keep going and get as much as we can done, especially with donated funds,” Waterman said. 

The town administrator added that the Community Preservation Committee recommended allocating $307,760 to waterproof the town’s basement, but that would need to get approval at the June 22 Town Meeting.