Marion woman helps put injuries on ice with workout recovery products

Jul 21, 2020

MARION — Sitting at her daughter Ella’s soccer games, Sue Shannon watched players and parents reach for ice packs from coolers to treat injuries. In those moments, she thought to herself, “there has to be a better way to have something available” for recovery.

From this came the idea for her company IceeNOW, which she founded in 2018. It sells various workout recovery products.

The company has been a family effort. Ella, 12, came up with the name and logo, Shannon’s brother did the design packaging, and she runs all the creative ideas for the company by Ella and her brother Billy, 13. 

“It gives us a joint goal, especially since we’re at home all the time,” Shannon said.

Marion has been home for Shannon and her kids since 2010. She grew up in Marion until she was seven, then she and her family moved to Australia. 

Shannon is also a runner and has competed in multiple marathons and triathlons. Her experiences helped her understand “it’s not an injury you want to treat, but it’s recovery.” 

The first product she developed was an iceless cold compression wrap, two years ago. 

Her 25 years of brand management experience, seven years of consulting, and four stints on QVC for her hands-free reading light headband called DreamBeam, have helped her expand the company to sell insulated ice pack holders, stickable ice gel packs and ice wraps in fun colors. 

Shannon now partners with Nikki Hiltz, a mid-distance professional runner, to promote IceeNOW. Hiltz won the 2019 Boston Athletics Association one-mile race and was a finalist in the 1,500 meter race at the 2019 World Athletics Championship in Doha, Qatar. 

Shannon also has an athlete ambassador program to team up with professional athletes like basketball player Rachel Shannon (of no relation) and long-distance runner Neely Gracey.

The original partnership with Hiltz is special too because she is also one of the few openly gay athletes in track and field. 

Shannon said that Hiltz’s openness about the subject and her advocacy work towards social justice and equal rights fits in with the mission of the company.

Beyond supporting LGBTQ+ equality, IceeNOW also supports the empowerment of female athletes through the #girlskick movement it started.

The initiative helps females across the South Coast stand up for themselves and kick whatever challenges come their way.

Shannon also uses IceeNOW to educate younger athletes about the importance of taking care of their bodies. 

“If their body doesn’t get them there, they’re not going to get that college [athletic] scholarship,” said Shannon.

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