Mattapoisett 6th graders recreate “Eye of the Tiger,” hybrid school style

Dec 28, 2020

MATTAPOISETT — 2020 might end in a whimper, but here’s a bit of good news to leave this horrific year on a high note.

Ms. Mirabito's Grade 6 homeroom class at Old Hammondtown School may not be preparing for a fight, but they have their sights set on tackling the rest of the school year strong in their recreation of Survivor’s "Eye of the Tiger.”

Ms. Mirabito’s students are currently splitting their learning time between being in the school building two days a week and learning from home for three days.

She said her students didn’t feel like they were a full class because they were split up between different days and didn’t see each other all the time. 

So her and the students came up with the idea to show that they were all in it together and can take on hybrid learning as one team.

“Eye of the Tiger has always been a ‘go to’ song for determination against all odds,” Ms. Mirabito said. “We watched the 80’s video and pictured ourselves being fierce and putting our own spin on it.” 

The video features the kids “training” in gym class to get ready to take on learning, a student shredding on the guitar, marching down the hall, dancing on Zoom, and having lunch in the cafeteria and outside while dancing along to the song. One of her students volunteered to sing the rendition that Ms. Mirabito thought up. 

“The band teacher recorded her, and our Phys Ed teacher helped get them moving, Ms. Mirabito said. “I spliced the video together, and ‘voila!’”