Mattapoisett approves school renovations, fire station in town vote

May 21, 2019

MATTAPOISETT — Town voters showed their support for the Fire Department and Old Rochester Regional High School in a May 21 election, voting to construct a new $9.275 fire station and in favor of a $2 million renovation to the track, main field and auditorium at Old Rochester. Town voters also elected a slate of uncontested candidates, with no substantial write ins. 

The school renovations still need final approval in a Rochester Special Election on July 10 before they are fully approved. The project was originally proposed by a non-profit group, and gained the support of the school committee, which helped to pare original $5 million sum number down to a more reasonable number. 

Voters opted to exempt the town from Proposition 2-1/2, which would allow them to increase taxes by more than 2.5 percent for fifteen years until lending on the project ends. Of the town’s 5,009 voters, 865 voted in favor of the measure, while 521 voted against it.  

The fire department project would correct a number of health and safety violations, provide better working conditions for firefighters, and allow more space to store equipment. It would also require a Proposition 2-1/2 override, which voters approved 1,227 in favor and 165 against. 

Jordan Collyer was elected for a three-year position as Selectman with 1,173 votes. Cary LeBlanc won another three years as assessor with 1,188 votes. John Ecklund will stay another year as moderator after getting 1,145 votes. Dana Barrows will be water/sewer commissioner after getting 1127 votes. Kenneth Dawicki won a spot on the Board of Health with 1,126 votes.

Thomas Tucker will serve again on the Planning Board after 1,108 people voted for him. Charles McCullough got slightly more votes, at 1120, for the Housing Authority. Kenneth Pacheco and Donald Bliss will both serve as constable again with Pacheco getting 1,058 votes and Bliss getting 868.

Robert Marin was approved to serve as herring inspector again with 1,118 votes, and Roland Cote earned another three years as tree warden with 1,136 votes. McCullough got slightly fewer vote than  Michelle Hughes did for the community preservation committee (1,026 to 1,100), but both will serve on the committee. 

Suzanne Tseki was approved for a term on the Old Rochester Regional School Committee with 1048 votes. Barbara Gaspar was the more popular candidate for Library trustee, earning 1,123 votes to Michael Rosa’s 943. However since there are two positions, both will get to serve.

1,398 voters made the May 21 election out of 5,009 registered voters, putting participation at 28 percent.