Mattapoisett discourages trick-or-treating, offers alternatives

Oct 13, 2020

MATTAPOISETT — The Board of Selectmen won’t be cancelling Halloween, but they will be discouraging door-to-door trick-or-treating. 

The board discussed drafting a statement discouraging door-to-door trick-or treating, in order to attempt to keep Mattapoisett safe during the holiday.

“Personally, I think we should discourage it,” Chair Paul Silva said. 

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be alternatives in the town to traditional Halloween festivities.

The board heard plans from Lions Club Communications Director Kimberly Ray at an Oct. 13 meeting for a drive-through event where kids can get goodie bags without having to leave their cars. 

The board debated where the best spot for the event would be, and eventually landed on Old Hammondtown School. 

Ray said that the main focus of the event wasn’t where it was held, but getting kids to have a safe Halloween.

“It doesn’t really matter to us at all,” she said. “We just hope to give the kids something.”

The event is set to take place on Oct. 24.

And the Lions Club aren’t the only ones trying to keep Halloween safe for kids. 

Chief Mary Lyons said that the Mattapoisett Police Department is planning a similar event on Halloween night, which will also be held at Old Hammondtown School.

In addition, Lyons said that officers will be around to intercept trick-or-treaters and hand them candy themselves in an effort to discourage families from trick-or-treating door-to-door. 

“I don’t wanna cancel Halloween,” Vice Chair Jordan Collyer said. “That’s not what I want, but I think by doing this we’re providing a safe alternative.”

Silva commended the Lions and Chief Lyons for their efforts to “solve a difficult problem.”

“Our goal, I believe, is to keep the residents as safe as possible.”