Mattapoisett farm lets goats, humans do yoga

Jul 11, 2020

MATTAPOISETT — Beatrice Whalen doesn’t call herself a traveling goat yoga teacher on her business card, but she was quick to call herself that at a Mattapoisett class in the subject on July 11.

She has taught yoga for 20 years and said “I love goats and I love yoga!” So she combined the two passions three years ago at another farm, which unfortunately sold its goats.

When the next spring came about, she was “starting to get goat withdrawal,” and put out an announcement over Facebook offering to teach classes on a traveling basis.

Pine Meadow Alpacas hosted Whalen last year, but said this year it has a lot more baby goats, which is nice.

Owner Jeffrey Paine picked 16 goats for the two morning classes, focusing on, “friendly ones and ones that I thought would get along.”

Whalen started classes by saying that the goats tend to mimic what humans do, since they are herd animals.

Several yoga poses got cleverly renamed with a goat theme, such as “happy baby goat.”

Other names for yoga poses make for a little more fun while practicing on a farm (even if the participants are occasionally interrupted in their poses by a goat jumping over them).

“Now we’re going to do cow pose — see there’s a cow over there!” Whalen said at one point.

After class, visitors got a tour of the farm. Pine Meadow Alpacas has about a hundred animals, including Miss Prickles, a nocturnal African-crested porcupine.

She was bottled raised from the time she was a baby, which makes her extra friendly and could grow up to 60 pounds. Paine and his family also have a wallaby and a yak.

The farm started about 10 years ago, and since has been looking for “interesting [animals] that a normal person wouldn’t see,” Paine said. 

The farm will hold additional goat yoga classes later this summer and post information on its Facebook page.