Mattapoisett Fire Department training heats up

Mar 30, 2021

MATTAPOISETT — Mattapoisett Fire Department new hires were on the hot seat last week, as the department did live fire training using a prop room donated by 1-800-BOARDUP, an emergency safety company.

Chief Andrew Murray said being able to do the training in Mattapoisett was more convenient than sending the firefighters out to train in other towns.

“All the other live training they have, they send them to Stowe,” he said. “It’s extremely valuable for us.”

Murray said the training was particularly useful for newly hired on-call firefighters.

During the training, firefighters worked on venting the structure through the roof, working with a live fire, and forced entry.

And while the training occurred right outside the fire station, Murray said the structure is designed to be self-contained.

In addition, the department had experienced firefighters leading each training team and a “Rapid Intervention Crew” standing by.

“Just to go in and pull them out if we need them to,” Murray said.