Mattapoisett Land Trust hosts second grade seed program

Jun 8, 2021

MATTAPOISETT — Old Hammondtown School, which has not seen visitors for over a year, was once again animated with the sounds of children at play on Thursday, June 3 as second graders participated in a life science seed program hosted by the Mattapoisett Land Trust Education Committee.

The program — led by members of the Mattapoisett Land Trust Board and a student delegate from ORR High School’s sophomore class — was designed to teach students about ecosystems through the life cycle of a sunflower.

“Second grade students were engaged and enthusiastic in all aspects of the Plant Secret Project from learning about the life cycle of a sunflower seed, to planting the seeds and finally visiting the story walk. They were excited to imagine how tall their sunflower plants will grow by summer's end,” said Mary Cabral, a land trust Board Member and retired biology teacher.

After the students learned about the stages of a sunflower’s life cycle, they were each given a biodegradable pot in which to plant their own. They also helped set up a StoryWalk around the tent.

“It was a total joy planting with such enthusiastic kiddos,” MaryAnne Buckley, a land trust Board member said. “I was blown away by how many tiny hikers we have in this town. Looking forward to running into them and their families on the MLT trails.”

ORR High School Delegate Thomas Galavotti was happy to see the second grade students engaging with environmental issues and enjoying a day of outdoor education at his alma mater.

"Returning to OHS where I went, was an excellent way to witness the students' involvement and even better that they had previously obtained knowledge of their surrounding environment,” he said, adding that the students “appeared to be passionate about the project."

The StoryWalk — which takes its text and illustrations from "Plant Secrets," written by Emily Goodman and illustrated by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes — will be shared with Center School in the coming weeks before being installed permanently at the MLT Dunseith property on Route 6.