Mattapoisett Select Board candidate exits race

May 15, 2023

MATTAPOISETT — Mattapoisett Select Board candidate Brian Connelly announced that he has suspended his campaign via a Facebook post on Sunday, May 14. 

“I have looked at the pool of voters we are vying for and indicators suggest that I do not have the votes to win this go around,” wrote Connelly in the post. 

Connelly said that he looked at the numbers from the previous Select Board race. According to Connelly, he believed that Select Board member Jodi Bauer and and Heuberger “will capture the similar voters.”

Connelly added that although his candidacy has been well received, he has decided to withdraw from the race due to the low number of potential voters. 

Additionally, Connelly added that he is supportive of both the remaining candidates including Town Clerk Catherine Heuberger and incumbent Tyler Macallister. 

“I believe that all candidates are truly running because they feel they can lend their background and passion for the greater good of our community,” wrote Connelly in the post.

However, he said that he voted for Macallister in the election. 

“I was dividing votes between Tyler and I,” said Connelly. 

Connelly wrote that he still plans to serve the town through his position as both a Mattapoisett firefighter and as vice president of the Firefighters Association.

“Thank you to everyone that has supported my candidacy. It’s been so awesome to interact and connect with so many residents I may not have otherwise spoken with,” wrote Connelly in the post.