Milk crates and ice skates: Marion public skate a hit

Jan 6, 2019

MARION — A little known fact about milk crates: when turned over, they act as a good support system for young ice skaters. On Jan. 6, many emerging skaters laced up and grabbed their milk crates at the Travis Roy Ice Arena at Tabor Academy for an open skate.

Jenn Richard, who stopped by the rink on Sunday with her children, took laps around the rink and enjoyed some time on the ice with friends while here daughter KK chose to grab a crate before hopping on the ice.

To improve her balance, KK held tightly to the crate while propelling herself around the ice, occasionally resting her stomach on the top of the crate for a breather. 

“I loved it,” Richard said. “This is only [KK’s] second or third time skating, but her first time here at Tabor.”

Over 100 skaters took to the ice at Tabor, from young children learning to skate to parents zipping past them. 

Maeve and Gibbson Watters got creative by using the milk crates as a seat and pushing each other around the ice. The brother-sister duo could be seen from across the arena with their bright blue helmets as they played around.

The public skates take place every Sunday until Feb. 24 and, for $5 a person, all of the proceeds go to support the many Marion Recreation Youth Programs.