Most likely to win a superlative: Class of 2023 recognizes fellow students

Feb 8, 2023

MATTAPOISETT — There was one major rule at Old Rochester Regional High School’s Senior Superlatives night on Wednesday, Feb. 8, said host Michael Beson, a teacher at the school:

“If you lose, do not boo, you just need to internalize it and feel really bad about it,” joked Beson. “At your 10 year reunion, when you’re out at a bar and you’re all talking about it, you can have that anger then.”

Senior superlatives award Old Rochester Regional High School seniors with honors like “most likely to succeed” or “most likely to talk their way out of a ticket.”

According to Old Rochester 2023 Class President Markus Pierre, senior superlatives are a longstanding tradition at the school.

“It’s a tradition at ORR,” said Pierre. “We’ve been planning on doing this since the beginning [of our high school careers].”

This is the first year since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic that senior superlatives were held in the auditorium. In previous years the event was held outdoors.

This year, “around 50” 2023 graduates were awarded by their classmates. The class of 2023 voted for four nominees in each category.

“You get to know these people and now you get to show them what you feel about them,” said Pierre.

Senior superlative night is also a fundraising event for the Old Rochester Regional High School Class of 2023.

“We work really hard to make everyone feel a part of the community,” said Pierre. “They give it right back to us and make us feel appreciated.”

The first award of the night, “most musical,” was posthumously awarded to Nolan Gibbons, a rising sophomore at Old Rochester Regional High School who died in 2020. He was known far and wide as a virtuoso musician with a heart of gold.

His parents, Warren and Sheila, accepted the award on his behalf.

“We wanted to say how touched and honored we are that you guys are keeping him with you, it means a lot to us,” said Sheila. “We know that he would be here cheering everyone on.”

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A complete list of 2023 Senior Superlatives is below:

  • Most musical — Nolan Gibbons
  • Biggest case of senioritis — Nicole Genderon
  • Worst driver — Cooper Studley
  • Most likely to talk their way out of a ticket — Cooper Studley
  • Most likely to be a celebrity influencer — Storm Lanzoni
  • Most likely to be late to graduation — Gio Theodore
  • Best laugh (boy) — Brendan Hubbard
  • Best laugh (girl) — Emma Peterson
  • Best smile (girl) — Lauren Rapoza
  • Best smile (boy) — David Costa
  • Best for a group project (girl) — Failenn Fitzpatrick
  • Best for a group project (boy) — Teddy Carroll
  • Biggest gym rat — Brady Lee
  • Class clown — Gage Beauchmin
  • Cutest couple — Mariah Ruell and Dylan H-M
  • Best dressed (boy) — Tyler Cardinal
  • Best dressed (girl) — Ava Noone
  • Biggest teacher’s pet — Caitlin Colier
  • Best boy to bring home to mom and dad — Will Corriea
  • Best girl to bring home to mom and dad — Rosie Lally
  • Best car — Colin Carroll
  • Most likely to travel the world (girl) — Chloe Hurley
  • Most likely to travel the world (boy) — Tyler Cardinal
  • Most changed since freshman year (girl) — Kenzie Luong
  • Most changed since freshman year (boy) — Will O'Shaughnessy
  • Most athletic boy (boy) — Sawyer Fox
  • Most athletic (girl) — Jillian Leblanc
  • Most likely to never grow up — Harrison Hughes
  • Most likely to be president — Markus Pierre
  • Biggest complainer — Kate Feeney
  • Worst parker — Will O’Shaughnessy
  • Best dancer — Storm Lanzoni
  • Best bromance — Kyle and Asa Osenfeld
  • Best womance — Kate Feeny and Emma Welter
  • Most likely to win the Nobel Peace Prize — Reagan Rock
  • Most likely to stay in the Tri-Town — Eliza Guard
  • Most likely to commit a crime — Tyler Tassopoulos
  • Best hair (girl) — Corrine Robert
  • Best hair (boy) — Zach Zutaut
  • Best eyes (boy) — Landon Maxwell
  • Best eyes (girl) — Chloe Hurley
  • Best all around (girl) — Jillian Leblanc
  • Best all around (boy) — Sam Williamson
  • Most likely to end up as a teacher at Old Rochester — Reese Burger
  • Most likely to secretly be a CIA agent — Andrew Poulin
  • Worst car — Mekei Ford
  • Best personality (girl) — Nora Schiappa
  • Best personality (boy) — Gage Beauchmin
  • Most likely to brighten your day — Aveil Ward
  • Most likely to cure cancer — Jeffrey Radek
  • Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket — Maddie Dugas
  • Most artistic (girl) — Lizzie Higgins
  • Most artistic (boy) — Jud Dupre
  • Most unchanged (boy) — Harrison Hughes
  • Most unchanged (girl) — Julia Foye
  • Most likely to succeed (boy) — Sam Williamson
  • Most likely to succeed (girl) — Sakurako Huynh Aoyama