New Center School mural will recognize Principal Bowman

Jun 14, 2022

MATTAPOISETT – The community is doing all it can to make sure that Principal Rose Bowman’s legacy at Mattapoisett schools will not be forgotten, including honoring her career with a new mural at Center School.

Representatives from faculty and staff at Mattapoisett schools visited the Monday, June 13 meeting of the Mattapoisett School Committee to present a letter proposing that a mural be painted at the Center School library in her honor.

The letter stated that the goal of this mural was to “remind students and staff of her legacy on a daily basis.”

The mural will have the words “be kind” on it, with the letter “i” dotted with a rose. The letter proposed that when students are recognized for an act of kindness, they will be photographed in front of the mural and their picture will be shared with their parents.

“We hope to honor Rose Bowman with this interactive art exhibit,” the letter said.

“I can’t tell you how appropriate that is,” said school committee chair Jim Muse.

This sentiment brought tears to Bowman’s eyes.

“This really exemplifies what I see every day in the children and staff, and I couldn’t be more grateful for such a wonderful tribute,” she said.

The committee voted unanimously to accept the proposal, and members of the faculty and staff came up to the table to hug Bowman as she thanked them.

Bowman’s job has now been divided into two positions, with current vice principal Kevin Tavares named as Old Hammondtown School principal and newly hired Linda Ashley leading Center School. The vice principal position has been eliminated.