New cost estimate for Long Wharf redesign

Sep 20, 2022

MATTAPOISETT — The Long Wharf redesign has reached a standstill as the Mattapoisett Select Board waits to approve a new cost estimate on the wharf’s repairs. 

During a Sept. 13 meeting, the Select Board rejected a design proposed by the Mattapoisett Marine Advisory Board that would see concrete siding used to repair Long Wharf on all sides with decorative stones along the top of the wharf.

“I’ve watched concrete get annihilated by the ocean,” said Select Board member Tyler Macallister, who went on to say that he thinks stone will last longer. 

The Marine Advisory Board proposed that Long Wharf be repaired with cement in an effort to cut down the estimated $12.7 million cost proposed by Childs Engineering, the firm leading the Long Wharf study and repairs. 

According to Town Administrator Michael Lorenco, the cost of a full concrete design could be closer to $8 million.

The Select Board said it prefers a design that would be a hybrid of stone and cement. 

In the hybrid design, stone would be used on the east and south-facing sides of the wharf, and cement would be used on the north and west sides. 

According to Macallister the east and south sides of the wharf take the brunt of any storms coming into the harbor. 

“Concrete will be fine and pretty, and it’ll probably last longer than we live here,” said Macallister, who added that stone will last even longer, pushing future repairs further down the road.  

According to Lorenco, Childs Engineering estimates that the hybrid approach will cost around $10.8 million. While more costly than an all concrete design, the hybrid approach is nearly $2 million less than the all stone alternative. 

The hybrid design will be discussed at the next select board meeting. 

When the Select Board approves a design, residents will have the chance to provide their input on the project at yet-to-be-scheduled public hearings, Lorenco said.