New Harbormaster office plans move ahead full sail

Apr 7, 2021

MARION — Plans for Marion’s new Harbormaster office are soon to be in ship-shape condition.

After public input last summer and consultation with the Harbormaster and the MRC, the Board of Selectmen have developed new plans for the building that better suit the needs and character of Marion, according to a discussion at Tuesday night’s Selectmen meeting.

“We’re really at a point now where we’re ready to show the plan back to the public and to the Board of Selectmen,” Town Administrator Jay McGrail said.

Harbormaster Isaac Perry and the project architect will present the new building plans via Zoom on April 26 at 6 p.m. for comment from the public as well as the Selectmen. An email blast will also go out with the new designs, a comprehensive Q&A and important notes on changes to the Harbormaster, the Selectmen said.

Updates on additional municipal projects may follow the Harbormaster presentation, according to McGrail.

If the Board is satisfied with the proposed Harbormaster changes, the Selectmen intend to submit a grant application to the Seaport Economic Council by the first week of May for funding of construction and design documents.

“[We will] apply for a significant amount of money to be able to move the project to the next step,” McGrail said. “We’ll basically have a shovel-ready project, once we’re done with that.”