No kidding: Rarest breed of goat gives birth in Mattapoisett

Apr 6, 2021

MATTAPOISETT — The kids are alright.

Three baby goats were born at Pine Meadow Alpacas on April 3, just as the farm gets ready to reopen to the public.

But the kids aren’t just any old goats. Their moms, Sunshine and Moonshine, are Arapawa goats — the world’s rarest breed.

Diana Paine of Pine Meadow Alpacas said there are only around 500 Arapawas on Earth.

“We feel that having something so different — so rare — is important,” Paine said.

The breed is originally from New Zealand, where the goats lived much more independently than at the farm.

“They definitely still are that independent, do my own thing — jerk — kind of goat,” Paine said.

While Sunshine and Moonshine are both Arapawas, only one of the kids is fully Arapawa. The other two are only half Arapawa.

None of the three kids have names yet, but Paine said she and her sister have started thinking about what to call the newborns.

Last year, she said, the farm went with a naming theme of food. One goat at the farm is named Eggs Benedict — “Benny” for short.

For now, the farm is focused on taking care of the little ones.

“They usually come out kicking and screaming and ready for the world,” Paine said.

And as the weather gets warmer, Pine Meadow is getting ready to reopen its doors to the public.

The farm stopped tours in December, as it does every year. But Paine said 2020 was especially difficult for the farm due to covid.

Pine Meadow began doing goat yoga to supplement losses during the pandemic, but still ended up having to downsize, according to Paine.

She added that the community came together in support of the farm last year, donating items needed to keep the farm going.

“It was a very, very tough year last year,” she said.