Old Colony feasibility study a step closer thanks to Town Meeting vote

May 9, 2023

MATTAPOISETT—  Mattapoisett voters had a chance to voice their opinion on 31 items during Town Meeting on Monday, May 8.

Voters approved to allocate $49,000  toward a feasibility study to look into renovating Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School during Town Meeting on Monday, May 8. 

According to Old Colony Superintendent Aaron Polansky, the building has not been renovated since the 1970s and is in need of an update.

The total cost of the feasibility study is $1 million. Half of the cost would be covered by Old Colony’s stabilization fund and half would be covered by the school’s five member towns.

So far, only Mattapoisett, Lakeville and Carver have approved this item. Acushnet and Rochester have yet to hold their respective Town Meetings.

The $49,000 payment, which is based on the enrollment of Mattapoisett students at the school, will be distributed toward the project over the next five years. 

Polansky said that while the building has been “well-maintained,” the “bones” of the structure are starting to falter.

“We have no water redundancy, we're dependent on the singular well; we have no fire protection because of the year we were built, there are no sprinklers; we have issues with plumbing with brickwork,” said Polansky. “The list is pretty exhaustive.”

A complete list of areas of improvement can be found on Old Colony’s website.