Old Hammondtown principal camps out on school roof

Jun 15, 2023

MATTAPOISETT — Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Mr. Tavares on the roof!

Old Hammondtown principal Kevin Tavares is spending the night on the roof of Center school to garner donations for the Mattapoisett  PTA’s  food drive  on Thursday, June, 15. 

“We are trying to raise awareness of hunger in the summer,” said Tavares. “We tend to collect cans during Christmas and Thanksgiving but the message is people are still hungry in the summer.

According to Tavares, Center School and Old Hammondtown students have been collecting donations for the food drive for the past two months. 

“If I can raise one more can than the total number [students] collected then I have to stay on the roof,” he said. “I’ll stay here all night until it happens or it doesn’t happen.”

According to PTA president Bridget Bernier, 813 canned goods have been donated by Old Hammondtown School students to benefit Damien’s Food Pantry in Wareham. Bernier said that Tavares stayed up on the roof for the entire night.

Tavares said he is fully prepared for the adventure on the second story surface. He brought along a tent, a sleeping bag and his phone charger. 

“It’s a focal point for the school and the town,” said Tavares referring to why he decided to sleep on the roof. “I can wave at everybody walking by so that they know why I am up here.”

Tavares even added a bucket on a rope pulley system to collect snacks.

“Somebody is bringing me coffee in the morning,” he said.

Tavares said that the last time he pulled this stunt was eight years ago when students donated approximately 6,000 cans. 

“It’s a great way to kick off the summer,” said Tavares.