Old Hammondtown School holds field day

Jun 11, 2021

MATTAPOISETT — Old Hammondtown School held their annual field day on Friday, June 11 with some slight adjustments to counter covid concerns.

The event — which would usually involve the whole school going outside together for almost the entire day — was separated by grade level this year so that each grade got to spend about an hour playing.

“Traditionally, it was all grades outside all day,” said Andrea Osborne, head of the PTA, explaining that the students were grouped by grade this year to lessen the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Activities included classics like dodgeball and tug o’ war as well as a cardio drum and dance workout called Drums Alive and a station set up by Mattapoisett Police Department where kids could clock their running speed using a radar machine.

It was a great way for the kids to “get outside and enjoy a fun day of movement,” according to Physical Education teacher Chad Cabeceiras.