Old Hammondtown School sixth graders recognized with promotion ceremony

Jun 11, 2024

MATTAPOISETT — Students of Old Hammondtown School gathered in the cafeteria on the morning of Tuesday, June 11, the last day of school.

The gathering, a sixth grade promotion ceremony, recognized rising junior high students for their time at the school.

Also permanently departing the school along with 61 sixth graders is Principal Kevin Tavares, who was showered with gifts at the beginning of the ceremony, including a pair of tables outside of the school that would be commemorated in his name.

Families watched as awards were given out in a number of different subject fields to students who exemplified success, effort and kindness.

Six students were also chosen to address the crowd, sharing memories they made throughout their time as students of Old Hammondtown School.

“I would like to thank the staff for taking care of our kids each and every day,” said Tavares . “I think we can all agree that the Old Hammondtown School staff comes to school to do their best and goes way above and beyond what it means to be a teacher and I can not appreciate them enough.”

Student speakers shared the same praise that Tavares had for the staff of the school.

“All the teachers and staff at Old Hammondtown helped me overcome my fears, helped me build really strong relationships and helped me become more social and outgoing,” said Lily Gunschel.

Eliza Grady agreed, saying that her teachers would be what she would miss most about Old Hammondtown School.

“Old Hammondtown School has always been a paradise to me from the day I walked in to the day I will walk out,” said Luke Cameron. “I had so many thoughtful, kind teachers and I met so many amazing people along the way.”

After awards were given out, sixth graders were called to the stage one by one and received class superlatives.

“I know that our sixth grade students are ready to go off to seventh grade, I know they are,” said Tavares. “We hope that you have a fabulous summer and we can't wait to see all of the great things that you go off and do.”