Old Hammondtown students recognized for kindness

Jun 12, 2019

MATTAPOISETT — This year, Old Hammondtown’s Special Education secretary Jennifer Rusinoski developed a program to encourage students to “Be the nice kid,” promoting kindness in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades. 

Rusinoski set up a kindess bulletin board, and asked teachers to recogize student that they saw perform kind acts by writing the students’ names on stars, which were then placed on the board. 

On June 11, the students were recognized by the entire student body and staff at morning meeting. Old Hammondtown School Associate Principal Kevin Tavares and Rusinoski presented the students with certificates recognizing their deeds, and sweetened up the program by including sundae gift cards that Oxford Creamery had donated to the cause. 

Rusinoski also advised the recipients to continue their kind acts.  

Students who were observed being kind, helpful or showing empathy towards others were:

Asher O’Brien-Nichols
Matthew Williams
Heer Patel
Tess Adams
Craig Knight
Piper Brodo
Nick Gouin
Owen Pelland
Kierra Keegan
Ryland Perron
Cy Higgins
Jake Nelson
Lillian Gendreau
Greta Anderly
Morgan LeBlanc
Eric Dawson
Ellie Correira
Mia Figuerido
Charlie Connelly
Aubrie Letourneau
Mallory Henesey
Alec Arsenault
Vivana Bull