Old Rochester class of 2024 awards senior superlatives

Feb 7, 2024

MATTAPOISETT – Students and family filled the auditorium at Old Rochester Regional High School for a Feb. 7 senior superlatives ceremony.

The class of 2024 doled out awards like the classic “Most Likely to Succeed” and “Best Dressed” to more unique offerings like “Most Likely to Drop Their Phone in the Toilet” and “Best Sneeze.”

Upon being named to a superlative, students gave brief speeches, many of them thanking family or friends or referring back to the award they had received.

“I don’t know why I like it here, but I do,” said Riley Coughlin upon receiving the “Most Likely to Come Back and Work at ORR” superlative. “It’s pretty fun, and I do want to be a teacher.”

“Happy to be a theater kid,” said Molly Dupre after winning the “Drama Queen” honor. “Thank you for the spotlight. Thank you.”

During an intermission, Old Rochester class of 2024 trivia questions were displayed on the auditorium projector screen. Attendees could also purchase concessions and raffle tickets to raise funds for the senior class.

Former athletic director Bill Tilden hosted the ceremony.

Following the student superlatives, a surprise award was announced for “Most Likely to be the G.O.A.T.,” or Greatest of All Time, which Tilden received.

After receiving the superlative, Tilden said the class of 2024 was “the G.O.A.T.” 

“All I can say is this has been one amazing class all the way through,” Tilden said. “You guys have rocked it. I knew I could show up anywhere and the class of 2024 would bring the noise and make me proud.” 

See below for the full list of 2024 Old Rochester senior superlatives:

  • Worst case of senioritis – Aiden Sellinger
  • Most likely to get in a fender bender in the parking lot – Lila Bangs
  • Most likely to talk their way out of a ticket – John Marmelo
  • Most likely to become internet famous – Maxwell Michaelis
  • Best laugh – Andrew Cournoyer-Geary, Will Cournoyer-Geary
  • Most musical – Jay Carrillo
  • Best smile – Arielle Troupe, Amber Engel
  • Most likely to get the teacher off topic – Jacob Newton
  • Best comebacks –Noah Pittsley
  • Most likely to drop their phone in the toilet – Will Cournoyer-Geary
  • Gym warrior – Hunter Bishop
  • Class clown – Noah Mendes
  • Cutest couple – Lily Dumoulin, Darin Procopio
  • Best dressed – Arielle Troupe, Chase Besancon
  • Teacher’s pet – Rylie Coughlin
  • Most likely to be drawing in class – Tyler Chick
  • Best sneakers – Chase Besancon
  • Best facial expressions – Noah Mendes
  • Best car – John Marmelo
  • Most likely to leave the Tri-Town and never come back – Arianna Bessey
  • Most school spirit – Emerson Femino
  • Most changed since freshman year – Megan McFadyen
  • Best shoulder to cry on – Tyler Williams
  • Most likely to win an Olympic medal – Hanna Whalley
  • Most likely to never grow up – Jack Rapoza
  • Most likely to have a #1 hit – Lance Carreiro
  • Most likely to be president – Jaymison Gunschel
  • Most likely to be your boss – Ryan Arruda
  • Most likely to be cheer you up – Amber Engel
  • Best bromance – Hunter and Mudgie
  • Best womance – Alice and Mari
  • Most likely to win a Nobel Prize – Jacob Hadley
  • Most likely to come back and work at ORR – Rylie Coughlin
  • Celebrity lookalikes – Robert Spenard (Ice Spice)
  • Best hair – Ella Caesar, Robert Spenard 
  • Best sneeze – Mars Castro-Colaj
  • Best eyes – Alexis Lord, Murray Callahan
  • Drama king – Cole Goldie
  • Drama queen – Molly Dupre
  • Most artistic – Tyler Chick
  • Super fan – Cole Goldie
  • Best Personality – Rylee Kouta, Maxwell Michaelis
  • Most likely to become a billionaire – Nicholas Miedema
  • Cutest couple that never was – Jack Rapoza, Liz Harrington
  • Life of the party – Logan Perry
  • Class activist – Alia Cusolito
  • Most likely to succeed – Jacob Hadley
  • Most likely to be late to graduation – Jacob Newton