Old Rochester looks ahead to 2028 strategic plan

Jun 14, 2023

MATTAPOISETT — What will the Old Rochester Regional School District look like in 2028?

That was the question posed by Old Rochester Regional School District Assistant Superintendent Shari Fedorowicz at a public forum held on Tuesday, June 13.

“The purpose of the public forum is to allow community members and residents to talk to each other about shared values, priorities, concerns and possibilities for our new strategic plan: Vision 2028,” said Fedorowicz, addressing school administrators, school employees and community members who attended the forum.

Already, the district’s Strategic Planning Committee, a group of around 40 educators, administrators, parents and community members, held six sessions to design the 2028 strategic plan.

According to Fedorowicz, the 2028 strategic plan will “outline and articulate” the Old Rochester Regional School District’s long term goals and how it will achieve those goals following the expiration of the current 2023 strategic plan this summer.

Fedorowicz heard from community members on four topics: Safe schools, support systems, climate and culture, and teaching and learning. Each topic is a part of the 2028 strategic plan.

One Rochester parent raised concerns about communication between schools and families, citing “canned responses” received by parents who contact schools via email.

“To say something and have it actually be heard and listened to, I think would mean a lot,” she said.

Another issue was raised by Old Rochester Regional High School teacher and parent Colin Everett regarding the school’s support systems for students.

Support systems are programs put in place by the school district to help students who may be struggling in areas like literacy or other academic skills.

Everett said he values “that the district puts a lot of resources and pride in their support systems — and that's it's the right thing to do,” but has a concern that there needs to be a long-term plan to remove the “scaffolding” and let students stand on their own.

“Those supports are necessary,” he said. “But at some point, I think we could do a better job of removing the support. To let the student go into their post high school life.”

One other aspect of the strategic plan, said Fedorowicz, is to create a “portrait” of an Old Rochester Regional School District graduate.

“By the time [a student graduates] as a senior, what do we want them to know and be able to do? What are the skills — academically, socio-emotionally … executive functioning — what skills do we want them to have when they leave Old Rochester?” asked Fedorowicz.