Opinion: Certain issues in our schools

Mar 22, 2023

To the editor, 

I have lived in this nice little town of Mattapoisett for a little over 24 years. Recently I was very disappointed in hearing about certain issues that are going on in our schools, and what this is doing to certain students.

First issue being racial bullying in our schools.

Second issue is the banning of junior and senior high school library books, Those having to do with LGBTQ individuals and those of color. Library book removals are often not always contrary to an appropriate educational mission, they raise serious legal issues of discrimination in education and violation of the right to receive information which is protected by constitutional and statutory free speech guarantees.

While respecting the right of opponents to speak and be heard, schools must take steps to affirm and protect the equality of the experiences of their students and to fulfil their legal duties to ensure a safe, and equitable educational experience.

Diana Harlfinger, Mattapoisett