Opinion: Family of dangerous dog saddened, hurt by handling of case

Aug 25, 2022

Dear Editor,

As the owner of our beloved rescue Stella, We would like to comment on the article “Dangerous Dog Euthanized” from August 18th. Our family is not only devastated by the loss of our family member but also angered by the deceit and duplicitous nature by how our elected officials handled the ordeal. Despite how saddened we are about the events that took place with the other dog, Stella was euthanized without warning and without our being able to say goodbye after we were given hope for adopting out. We offered multiple out of state home options, but they were completely ignored. So to say that “it didn’t work out” - it’s only because they didn’t want it to. “Not a fun day” for them? What a callous thing to say, considering how and what they did.

Thank you,
Jennifer and David Macdonald