Opinion: Plant a tree for Arbor Day

Apr 20, 2021

To the Editor:

Earth Day is this week, April 22 and Arbor Day is next week, April 30.  Usually the Marion tree and Parks committee would celebrate with a town wide clean-up and tree seedling give away, but, of course, due to covid restrictions we are not doing that again this year.

Instead, the Tree Committee will be helping to plant trees in front of the newly renovated Town Hall and in front of Sippican School along Spring Street.  I am sure you have seen that several maples have been removed and 5 new zelkovas will replace the ones in front of Town Hall and three new sugar maples in front of Sippican School.  There will also be a new landscaped plan of shrubs and plants for the town Hall as well.

Some of you may remember a 3rd grade teacher at Sippican, Fred Hutchings, who used to take students out to tap the maples for maple sugar.  Those old norway maples (planted in the 50’s) served well for many years but were on their way out.  The three new ones will serve as a reminder.

Mr. Hutchings used to also challenge his students to learn their multiplication tables and reward them with a ride on the back of his motorcycle.  That can no longer happen these days, but is another fond memory.

Our hope is that in the future, people will know and appreciate the new trees and remember that they were planted in 2021 when the Town House was restored to its former glory.

So please celebrate Arbor Day and take a walk, plant a tree, enjoy the flowers and be glad that spring is here again.

Margie Baldwin, Marion Tree and Parks Committee