OR Football stunned by Fairhaven

Oct 30, 2021

And the two-point conversion is…. No good.

Old Rochester’s varsity football team fell to Fairhaven in overtime on Friday, Oct. 29, after failing to convert a two-point conversion that would have tied the game back up.

“Fairhaven is a good team,” said OR Coach Bryce Guilbeault after the game. “We knew it was going to be a tough game.”

Fairhaven was ahead 3-0 at half time but OR took the lead near the end of the third quarter with a touchdown from Quarterback Noah Sommers (#16).

Fairhaven’s offense responded with a strong drive to start the fourth quarter ending in a touchdown to put them in the lead with just over six minutes left on the clock.

OR needed to move down the field quickly to have a chance of winning the game and their prayers were answered in the form of a big run to the outside by Running Back Harrison Hughes (#15).

A few plays later, OR was within striking distance of the endzone and went for the win with a pass to Wide Receiver Stephen Old (#4), but the play was broken up and almost intercepted by a Fairhaven defender.

On the very next play, OR’s Remy Wilson (#1) split the uprights with a well-executed field goal, sending the game to overtime.

Fairhaven won the coin toss to start overtime and were given the ball at the 10-yard-line per regulation. Fairhaven was not only able to score a touchdown on the attempt but also to convert the two-point conversion, putting the pressure on OR to do the same.

OR rose to the occasion, throwing to Jacksen Martin (#40) on the outside for a walk-in touchdown. But on the final play of the game, OR’s two-point conversion attempt was blown up in the backfield, giving Fairhaven the victory.

“We’ve got a good group of kids, a good group of players out there,” said Guilbeault. “They played hard and we’re proud of them.”

After the loss to Fairhaven, the OR football team now has a record of 5-2 with just one game remaining in the regular season. The team’s only other loss came against Dartmouth in the third week of the season.

Despite the loss, the OR football team is still in good shape to make the playoffs. Guilbeault said the team was ranked fifth in the conference going into the game but wasn’t sure exactly how the loss would affect the standings.

Still, Guilbeault said his team will look to build off their defeat as they prepare for the playoffs.
“You learn more from losing than you do from winning,” he said.

ORR Football will play its first playoff game against 12th ranked Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 6 at ORR High School.