OR underclassmen awards list

Jun 22, 2021

Old Rochester Regional High School gave out dozens of awards to underclassmen for excellence in a wide range of school subjects and extracurricular activities.

From photography to Latin to American Legion, the awards had something for everybody.

The underclassmen awards are as follows:

American Legion Awards

Boys State: Edward Gonet, John Kassabian, Tyler Trudeau, Samuel Harris

Girls State: Isabella Hunter, Amaya McLeod and Tavish Nunes

Presidential Service Awards

Gold: Caitlin Collier, Alia Cusolito; Edward Gonet IV

Silver: Ashley Lawrence

Bronze: Reese Burger, David Ditata, Tavish Nunes, Desmond Sinnott, Autumn Tilley

Science and Technology Awards

Excellence in Biology- Andrew Porter, Tyler Williams

Excellence in Marine Biology- Michael Holmes, Julia Sheridan

Excellence in Honors Forensic Science- Christopher Bell

Excellence in AP Biology- Ethan Perez-Dormitzer

Excellence in Honors Physics – Claudie Bellanger

Excellence in AP Physics- Colby Gross

Excellence in Organic Chemistry- Isabella Correira

Excellence in Honors Chemistry –Theodore Carroll

Excellence in Chemistry A- Leo Grondin

Excellence in AP Chemistry-Amaya McLeod

Excellence in Honors Anatomy and Physiology- Stephen Old
Excellence in APES- Sofia Martins

Excellence in Architecture Design- Alex Harrigan

Excellence in Technical Drawing- Andrew Porter

Excellence in Engineering- Colby Gross

Excellence in Computer Science- Mackenzie Luong, Amaya McLeod, Marc Pothier

Excellence in Game Design and Development- Jake Cronin

Excellence in Multimedia Design- Logan Perry, Riley Farrell

Excellence in Web Design and Development- Maxwell Tucker

Excellence in Robotics Engineering- Erin Besancon, Samuel Harris

The Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award - Stephen Old

Cape Cod Tufts Club Book Award- Sawichaya Phimolmas

Unified Arts Awards

Excellence in Photography- Arielle Troupe

Excellence in Painting- Taylor Green

Excellence in Ceramics- Charles Richards, Isabel Friedrichs

Excellence in Drawing- Autumn Tilley

Excellence in Visual Design-Jamie MacKenzie

Excellence in Mixed Media- Sofia Martins

Visual Art Department Award- Taylor Green

Excellence in Band 11- Emily DellaCioppa

Excellence in Band 10- Andrew Poulin

Excellence in Band 9- Corinne Hibbert

Excellence in A Cappella 11- Edward Gonet

Excellence in Chorus 11- Christopher Bell

Excellence in Chorus 10- Drew MacGregor

Excellence in Chorus 9- Chloe Bean

Excellence in Jazz Band11- Caleb DeVoe

Excellence in Jazz Band 10- Leo Grondin

Excellence in Jazz Band 9- Jacob Hadley

Excellence in Intro to Early Education and Care

Kelly Quinlan

Rylie Coughlin

Theo Joacobson

Recognition Award Community Service in Early Education and Care:

Rylie Coughlin

Elizabeth Harrington

Lila Bangs

Reese Burger

Autumn Tilley

Classical and Modern Language Awards

Outstanding Achievement Latin 1- Paetyn Tripp

Outstanding Achievement Latin 2- Allison Winters

Outstanding Achievement in Latin 3- Sarah Wyman

Outstanding Achievement in Latin 4- Autumn Tilley

Outstanding Achievement Spanish 1- Eva Hartley, Nashajiia Monteiro

Outstanding Achievement in Spanish 2- Andrew Porter

Outstanding Achievement in Spanish 3-Theodore Carroll

Outstanding Achievement in Spanish 4- Emma Thorell

National Latin Exam

Latin 2

Brenna O’Donnell (Gold Medal- Summa Cum Laude)

Allison Winters (Silver Medal Maxima Cum Laude)

Cole Goldie (Magna Cum Laude Certificate)

Nicholas Miedema (Cum Laude Certificate)

Emma Whittaker (Cum Laude Certificate)

Latin 3

Caitlin Collier (Silver Medal-Maxima Cum Laude)

Mason Hanks (Cum Laude Certificate)

Rudy Arsenault (Cum Laude Certificate)

Latin 4

Marc Pothier (Gold Medal- Summa Cum Laude)

Samuel Harris (Gold Medal- Summa Cum Laude)

Autumn Tilley (Silver Medal- Maxima Cum Laude)

Nathaniel Bangs (Magna Cum Laude Certificate)

Magdalena Brogioli (Cum Laude Certificate)

English Awards

Excellence in English 9A- Sara Kroll

Excellence in English 9A- Logan Perry

Excellence in English 9A- Emilia Perriera

Excellence in Honors English 9- Andrew Porter

Excellence in Honors English 9- Alia Cusolito

Excellence in Honors English 9-Corinne Hibbert

Excellence in English 10 A- Kira Sarkarati

Excellence in English 10 A- Rudy Arsenault

Excellence in English 10- Emma Van Ness

Excellence in Honors English 10- Corinne Robert

Excellence in Honors English 10- Caitlin Collier

Excellence in Honors English 11- Natalya Rivera

Excellence in Honors English 11 – Logan Fernandes

Excellence in English 11A- Jamie MacKenzie

Excellence in English 11A- George Barry

Excellence in English 11A- Nathan Yurof

Excellence in Advanced Placement English 11 – Sofia Martins

Excellence in Advanced Placement English 11 – Isabella Correia

Excellence in Theater- Matthew Curry

Excellence in Advanced Placement Seminar- Theodore Carroll

Excellence in Advanced Placement Seminar- Reagan Rock

Excellence in Genealogy- Brianna Arruda

Mathematics Awards

Excellence in Geometry- Jaymison Gunschel

Excellence in Geometry- Logan Leblanc

Excellence in Honors Geometry-Theo Jacobsen

Excellence in Algebra 1- Amber Engel

Excellence in Algebra 1- Emily Abbott

Excellence in Algebra 2- Sarah Wyman

Excellence in Honors Algebra 2- Caitlin Collier

Excellence in Honors Algebra 2- Rudy Arsenault

Excellence in Honors Precalculus- Amaya McLeod

Excellence in Precalculus- Isabella Hunt

Excellence in Advanced Algebra with Precalculus- George Barry

Excellence in Advanced Placement Statistics- Autumn Tilley

Excellence in Advanced Placement Calculus- Ethan Perez-Dormitzer

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal- Colby Gross

Social Studies Awards

Excellence in United States History II (Grade 11)- Samuel Harris

Excellence in United States History I (Grade 10)- Caitlin Collier

Excellence in World History (Grade 9)- Alia Cusolito

Principal’s Recognition

Freshmen- Rylie Coughlin, James Thomas

Sophomores- Reagan Rock, Collin Carroll

Juniors- Tavish Nunes, David Ditata

Old Rochester Tri-Town Education Foundation Lighthouse Book Award

Isabella Correia, Edward Gonet IV