ORR principal discusses senior celebrations

Apr 13, 2020

Like so many events over the next months, prom and graduation are still up in the air. And while Old Rochester Regional High School Principal Michael Devoll doesn’t have any answers yet, he is working with South Coast administrators to make sure seniors get the celebration they deserve.

In a video conference meeting of the Old Rochester Regional Joint School Committee on April 13, Devoll said that senior celebrations is the number one topic amongst area administrators because it is hard to figure out.

Some schools in the area opted to move events like prom into August. But once students graduate, it’s hard to keep them around to go to these celebrations.

In all the brainstorming, Devoll said he has yet to hear a plan that gets him excited. But once someone does have a good idea, he said his school will grab it and do it better.

Devoll discussed, but did not finalize holding the annual awards ceremony like a televised award show. But he said the seniors are “not ready to embrace these things yet.”

Though plans are uncertain, Devoll said seniors deserve a good send-off because there are many teachers “that really care a lot about these seniors and want to do them right.”