ORR School Committee approves higher lunch rates, honors acapella

Sep 12, 2018

MATTAPOISETT - The Old Rochester Regional School Committee approved two changes on Wednesday night – one to the price of school lunches and one to the high school’s acapella class.

District Business Manager Patrick Spencer explained that the United States Department of Agriculture set a new rate for paid lunch equity at $2.92. Spencer said the district is required to follow that guideline, and the school’s current rate is $2.88.

Four years ago the district raised prices 25 cents, and Spencer recommended doing it again.

“The USDA raises its prices six to eight centers a year, so this should keep us in good standing for the next few years,” he said. “That way we don’t have to raise the price 10 cents every year.”

The free and reduced lunches program will not be effected by the change in price.

Additionally, the school committee approved adding an honors option for the high school’s acapella course.

“We have four ensembles at the high school – jazz band, concert band, chorus and acapella,” Principal Mike Devoll said. “Three out of four of those have an honors option. To be equitable, we would like to add an honors in acapella.”

The change will be effective immediately. Essentially there is one acapella class, and students who choose the honors option will just do more work than the students in the class who don’t.

“There’s the ability for a kid to not opt for honors, and they can take acapella and not do all the intensive work,” Devoll said.