ORR/Fairhaven hockey team member hazed by multiple teammates

Nov 15, 2021

A student athlete on the Old Rochester Regional and Fairhaven joint varsity hockey team was hazed by multiple teammates during a parent-organized event in Bourne on Oct. 17, according to the district.

The incident, which occurred in the locker room of Gallo Ice Arena and involved students from both schools, was revealed after a video of it circulated among students and was discovered by an ORR staff member.

The students found to have participated in the hazing will be banned from participation on the hockey team for the 2021-2022 season and were “disciplined in a manner consistent with both schools' student handbooks,” according to the district.

“This is a deeply disappointing and troubling incident. We expect our students to treat each other with kindness and respect at all times, both inside and outside of school,” said ORR Superintendent Michael Nelson. “An ORRHS staff member did the right thing by bringing their concerns to the attention of our administrators so that it could be appropriately investigated and addressed. We will be working to ensure our students understand the impact their behavior has on others so that incidents like this do not happen again.”

The districts launched an investigation into the circumstances of the incident immediately after the video surfaced, and administrators met with multiple students and their parents/guardians to determine the facts of what occurred, the district said.

The investigation identified multiple students involved in the hazing as well as multiple student witnesses to the hazing. Students from both schools were present during the incident.

No athletic staff or coaches from either school were present at the event.

The two districts are jointly reviewing policies regarding unsanctioned or independent team activities and practices that occur outside the purview of school athletics staff, the district said.

The districts will also conduct additional training with all student-athletes and coaches on recognizing, preventing and responding to hazing.

The ORR/Fairhaven Hockey Team was previously involved in an incident in February of 2019 in which players from the team reportedly called a Wareham player the n-word and spat on him.