Owners of dog ordered euthanized file appeal

Jun 28, 2022

MARION — The owners of a dog ordered euthanized after attacking another canine have appealed the ruling, Town Administrator Jay McGrail said.

The specifics of the appeal were not known as of June 28, which was the last day that the dog’s owners, David and Jennifer MacDonald, could appeal the decision. 

The Select Board ordered the 130-pound mastiff named Stella dog humanely euthanized at a hearing held June 9 in response to the dog’s attack on May 17 in Watertown, Conn.

During that incident, Stella severely injured a dog, Milo, owned by a Watertown resident.

Stella had been deemed a “dangerous dog’’ by a previous select board after killing a dog at the playground of Sippican School in 2018.

The designation required that the dog be muzzled whenever off the MacDonalds’ property, among other conditions.

Stella was not muzzled during the May 17 attack, according to a report from the Watertown Police.

This violates the conditions of the previous ruling, Town Counsel Jon Witten told David MacDonald at the June 9 hearing. 

David MacDonald, who expressed sorrow for the incident, said the conditions issued in 2018 did not apply because the incident happened out of state. 

Witten countered that the dog was in defiance of the ruling because it was not muzzled, which the order required to happen any time the dog was off the property, with no geographical boundaries set.

MacDonald said the dog was a member of “our family’’ and was docile with people. He said he and his wife were open to relocating the dog to relatives living out of state. 

“The objective is to keep the dog alive,’’ he said.