Oysters on the go for Sippican Lands Trust fundraiser

Sep 19, 2020

MARION — As postponements and cancellations continue to cascade in the face of coronavirus, the Sippican Lands Trust got creative this year and held the first-ever mobile iteration of its oyster festival on Sept. 19 at the Benjamin D. Cushing Community Center.

“We’re excited to have all the support,” lands trust Executive Director Jim Bride said.

Last year, the Sippican Land Trust held its first-ever Oyster and Beer Festival at Silvershell Beach. The event was a success, but about six months before this year’s planned gathering, the group had to figure out something else to do in light of the pandemic. 

“It’s an important event for us,” President Alan Harris said.

Despite the virus, he said people were generous during the peak, and membership actually went up.

For the oyster fest, the land trust sold 150 tickets, and sold 700 out of the 800 oysters available.

For $50, participants could swing by and go from station to grab their takeout.

Snug Harbor Fish Company supplied oysters from Bryant Brothers Shellfish Company in Marion, clam chowder from Harriet’s Catering, burgers from Oxford Creamery and dessert from Flour Girls Baking Company. 

“We’re smiling through the masks,” Christopher Bryant said as he and Dan Shannon and Tuffer Dow shucked oysters.

For Bryant, land conservation means a lot to him, as he spent 11 years as President of land trust and is still on the Board of Directors.

Jill Houck, founder of Flour Girls, said the event went smoothly and people have been content with picking up their order and picnicking at home. 

“It’s a great organization and a nice group of folks,” said Ken Ackerman, owner of Oxford Creamery.