Photos: Center School celebrates Halloween with costume contest

Oct 31, 2019

MATTAPOISETT — Center School hosted pilots, celebrities, movie characters, household items, and even a local landmark as adults and children of all ages took their best shot at winning a prize for having the best Halloween costume of 2019.

Police Sergeant King called contestants in each division to walk in circles around the school gym while he and other judges determined the top three from each group. He said that his main criteria was creativity, and that he prioritized unique costumes over typical store-bought ones.

Pilots Cedar and Ned Maloney took first place in the Kindergarten and younger division. The young aces even came equipped with their own airplane adapted from a wagon.

Winners in the first and second grade division took inspiration from the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz” complete with Dorothy, the lion, a witch, and even a house.

The third and fourth grade division saw some tough competition with a cup of soup and Old Rochester football players, but ultimately a group of boys dressed as the Boston Celtics won the top prize of a Razor Scooter.

Fifth and sixth graders dressed as paintings, and the gazebo at Shipyard Park won third and second place respectively, but a team walking together as Mount Rushmore won the top spot.

In the Junior High and High School division, a Michael Jackson impersonator moonwalked his way into third place, a soda can fizzled all the way up to second, but it was a mailbox that delivered enough creativity to Sergeant King to win first place.

Jodi Bauer took the top spot in the adult division with her bottle collector costume. As others walked in circles, she fumbled around with her grocery cart dragging bottles around with each step.

Not to be outdone, Freemin Bauer was awarded for having the scariest costume. Strutting around with gnarling teeth and a red suit and top hat, the younger Bauer also added an extra layer of performance to his walk around the gym by reversing direction and intimidating the competition with his fearsome look.