Photos: Goat, llama yoga at Naughty Llama Farms

Nov 8, 2020

ROCHESTER — Bend bahh-ckwards.

It was a warm 65 degrees under the sun as yoga instructor Gina Maurer led participants through a yoga session surrounded by llamas and goats at the Naughty Llama Farm in Rochester on Nov. 7. 

While the llamas were generally calm, the goats were quite active, occasionally swarming people on mats when the goats were able to sneakily find food that was given to participants before they entered the field. 

“We’ve wanted people to have a place to be outside” during covid, said Kara Brown, who owns the family farm along with her husband, Ryan. 

The family added the baby goats to their farm in April and even trained them to jump on people’s backs. 

The 20-acre farm opened to the public in May. What first started out as blackberry picking, has now grown into having a variety of animals on the property that guests can feed.

Since June, Naughty Llama Farm has been offering yoga sessions with the farm’s goats and llamas.

With a particularly warm forecast, the farm was able to hold one more session before the season’s end. 

Maurer has led participants through different flows at each event and, “it truly fills my heart to be able to do that because we all have something to give,” she said.

At the start of the session, one of the participants, flanked by llamas on her left in the pasture, said that “this is the happiest I’ve been since March.” 

With moments like that, Maurer said that “happiness comes back to me.”