Picnicking in style at the Great Community Picnic

Aug 7, 2022

MATTAPOISETT – The Great Community Picnic is to picnicking is what glamping is to camping.

It's an upscale version of the usual summer activity, where members of the community gather to picnic in style – and support a good cause.

The Great Community Picnic is an annual event hosted by the Mattapoisett Land Trust and the Mattapoisett Museum at Munro Preserve. This year, it was held on Thursday, Aug. 4, to warm and sunny skies and a cool breeze by the water.

Participants set up elaborate charcuterie boards, fancy centerpieces, and purchased tickets to exchange for drinks and oysters in addition to packing picnic baskets stuffed with full-course meals.

“This is our favorite event of the year,” said Maureen Ecker, who gathered with her family to attend.

Ecker tends to lead the charge when it comes to organizing who will bring what and, on their fifth year of attendance, they have it down to a science.

A group of women who called themselves “The Wharf Rats” sat together, chatting animatedly about their summers and plans for the rest of the year.

“I love this event,” said Joanne Dunn, who broke away from the conversation to talk to Sippican Week. “It gathers us all together. It’s really the only time in the summer we all see each other because we’re so busy – and it’s all for a good cause.”

Over the picnickers excited chatter, the music of Seth Asser filled the air. Asser is a singer, songwriter, and performer based in Mattapoisett who plays guitar, mandolin, and harmonica with inspirations in blues, folk, country, and bluegrass.

Jessica DeCicco-Carey, member and Social Media Manager for the Mattapoisett Museum, said that the pandemic and weather have made the event difficult in the past few years, resulting in a smaller turn out.

The event sold 28 tables and raised $9,000 dollars to support Mattapoisett Land Trust and the Mattapoisett Museum. The total raised does not include the cost of the vendors.